Monday, November 16, 2009

The Members of His Church Receive Exaltation

There are countless ways that the church of Jesus Christ resembles HE who stands at the head of it. His prophet, who stands at the helm, has but only one mission...
To Bring Souls unto Christ, our Lord. Jesus Christ is the author of it. He is the authority behind it and has called men to service in the latter days to preach repentance unto this people.

I am Elder Josh Nelson and it has been my calling to serve the Lord and proclaim his gospel at the ripe old age of 14. Nearly 19 years ago, one of the Lord's servant ordained me into the office of a "teacher." and I have been, at best as one may expect from a "playful youth" worthy of his service. I saw many of my friends become converted unto the Lord as a youth.

I served the people of Ecuador during my two year mission. I continue to serve mankind by crying repentance unto the world and that they may also become acquainted with my savior and redeemer through membership in his "one true church." I testify to you that ALL saving ordinances are found upon the earth today in and by authority from God to receive these ordinances. I hold the priesthood of God and have been commanded to preach these things to the nations! That I may be held blameless before God at the last day knowing that I did all that I could, after the time of my repentance, to be worthy to stand before him!

It is my prayer that all may escape the endless woe and condemnation that I once found myself in... It was in and only through the "Lamb of God" that my sins have been purged from my breast. I have been washed clean through my sacrifice unto the Lord being a "broken heart" and a "contrite spirit" and through the proper saving ordinances which have been made available to me through the tender mercies of the Savior and the design of God.

My desire is that all men might be happy like unto me and shake free from the Devil who would keep you for his own! That you might recognize the call from the Bridgegroom and not be foolish in the days of your repentance and deny his saving power unto your own salvation... for no man is in charge of this salvation save it be that of your own choosing.

You can not look to the left or to the right when the day of judgment has arrived! The Lord will ask you, "What have you done with the commandments which I have given unto you by my servants, the prophets! Did I not command them to write my words? Even unto the prophets I spake in the land of Israel and the areas round about? Did I not command the Nephites that they should write? And did I not command all who were in the house of Israel, amongst the lost 10 tribes that they too should testify of these things? Did I not prove that I am the same God yesterday, today and forevermore?" and God will have in plain view, these words which he has spoken to or to the world at the time you lived upon it, and he will ask you, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THEM."

All men from Adam even down to the present time will offer their solemn testimony that they did write the words of God. Just as Moses did... as did Isaiah, as did Malachi, as did Nephi, as did Jacob, the brother of Nephi, as did King Benjamin and Mosiah, and also Alma, and also Helaman, and also Samuel, the lamanite, and also Mormon and also Moroni ALL will testify that they prophesied of Christ and his atonement with man.

And in that day which you find yourself before God and all they who spoke for God, it is my hope that you will say unto him, "I have done all things which the Lord hath commanded me by the mouth of ALL the holy prophets. I have done all that I may be worthy to stand!"

And God in that moment may say, "You have proven yourself worthy to enter into my house. Well done, good and faithful servant. The blessings of salvation are yours for you, and your family, and your children's children!" To live forever as Kings and Queens... Priests and Priestesses unto the MOST HIGH GOD through the merits of Jesus Christ, who is mighty to SAVE!

It is my prayer that you will be there with me, my brothers and sisters.
I admonish you to come unto Christ and be perfected in him; sanctified by your good works unto the ordinances carried out through the Priesthood of God which now is found upon this earth! That you too will come forth in the morning of the first resurrection clothed with a perfect frame and dwell in the incorruptible tabernacle that God promises to those who endure to the END!

There are indeed MANY similarities between Christ and his church! For those who follow him, follow him unto Salvation and Exaltation to never again be removed from their place in heaven... forevermore. Amen.

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