Thursday, November 5, 2009

Comparing the Narnia books with my love for the Word of God

C.S. Lewis wrote a wonderful series I'm sure you're pleased with just as I am. The Narnia series. Books 1 through 6 beginning with: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe all the way till "The Last Battle"

When C.S. Lewis wrote a 7th book, and named it "The Magicians Nephew" should everyone have gotten angry with C.S. Lewis for writing another book? Saying, "We have the entire series! We don't need any more Narnia!"If you were a lover of C.S. Lewis and his books, how would you feel?

If the whole world ganged up on C.S. Lewis calling him names, ridiculing his recent work calling it "Garbage" and "Not even related to the series" and saying, Books 1-6 was sufficient and said all manner of negative things towards this last book and banning it from school libraries.

Well you'd just probably think that was absolute nonsense what those other people were saying, if you were a admirer of C.S. Lewis. We didn't need the 7th book???
It at least was good for clarification and gave us more background on "how" the Witch of Narnia became such and so forth.

Actually I loved the Book! IT became my favorite of the series and I ended up reading it more often than the rest of the series. And I love how the series is an allegory of Jesus Christ and because of this, I too can make a comparison.

The Christian world has been greatly disturbed with the idea of receiving more of his word. So it is with my love for the Bible and also for "the Book of Mormon."

Likewise, I have enjoyed hearing his word out of the first few books. The Old Testament was wonderful! We learn that God has been part of the human family since the very beginning!

God has been part of this story since the foundation of the world. He was with Adam and Noah.He made a covenant with Abraham.

They believed in the Lord of Hosts.
The old testament called him Jehovah.

The word was made flesh and dwelt among us.
On earth he went by the name, Jesus Christ.

And like the outlandish comment hypathetically made about the Narnia series, those who truly love the Words of Christ would also love this book, The Book of Mormon!

The purpose of the book of Mormon is to convince the Jew and Gentile that Jesus Is the Christ. Don't the Jews need convincing? What boat did they miss the first time?

What have we done lately to help bring the Jewish folks to the knowledge of the the TRUE son of God?

What thanks do we have for even having the Bible?
Maybe you're thankful to God for having these covenants made known unto you but have you given much thought to the Jewish faith for anything other than, "THEY ARE WHOM HAD THE SAVIOR KILLED?" They regard Jesus Christ as nothing more than a prophet. Does anyone else need convincing? Gentile? Muslim?

I testify that the Book of Mormon is a true work of God. It contains the words of Christ and his gospel. It is an absolute delight to read this book. A feast even!
It truly is written from a righteous branch of the House of Israel. This people, descendants of Joseph, who was sold into Egypt, leave us cluse that not only was their book a marvelous work and a wonder among men but there is MORE to come!

I leave these things on my blog for all who come in contact with it and do so in the name of Jesus Christ, my redeemer, Amen!

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