Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What John The Revelator ACTUALLY Saw

Shocking new discoveries may change the way we view the Book of Revelation. Google "Revelation 12 + September 23, 2017" for added insight on what John the Revelator saw an what this means to those of "The House of Israel" and all who were adopted into this covenant be it Christian or otherwise... days of Tribulation are happening now. The great Tribulation is NOT yet but maybe 23 months away. Watch and be vigilant. (Revelation 16:15; 18:4)
To watch the Heavens preview from now till September 23, 2017, click this YouTube video below and continue watching. Start the space time lapse video, click: 1 day after Yom Teruah - "The Day of Trumpets" is the Revelation 12 sign (September 23, 2017) where many are now saying COULD be the beginning days of the "Great Tribulation" - the children of light will not be overtaken as a 'thief in the night." #greattribulation #rapture