Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My visit to the Jewel of the Mission, Guayaquil's TRUE Pearl

Brothers and sisters... no words can describe the joy that I did feel whilst serving in the temple. While I was recording this video, I became overcome by the Holy Spirit. I also felt as well while I was watching some of my beloved brothers and sisters make covenants. Looking around the room, I just saw how beautiful that these people were... going from trial to trial, making covenant after covenant. I also was permitted to be a witness for a couple being sealed in the temple. Words cannot express the emotions I felt when I saw 4 little girls enter the room after the couple had been recently sealed together. God wants families to be eternal. This power to bind families on earth as well as he can do so in heaven is a true and living miracle provided by the Lord and his infinite atonement with mankind and his priesthood power which knows... no boundaries.

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