Thursday, September 3, 2015

After September's Lunar Eclipse, Has Time Run Out?

This Christian-friendly version will enable you to help them understand both the significance of the Blood Moon Tetrads (as they pertain to the feasts and special events held by the "House of Israel") and understand where we happen to be in History now as it pertains to them in this possibly greatest and LAST Blood Moon Tetrad immediately preceding the Second coming of Jesus Christ?

What we do know is that it is the 8th to come forth since the resurrection of Jesus Christ and in each since that day has marked some VERY significant events for the Jewish people, which still shall be reckoned with by the Lord himself always recounting that they are, in his words,  "The Jews, mine ancient covenant people."

Since the Spanish Inquisition in 1493 (during the same time that Christopher Columbus had reached the New World and just shortly after that) there was a blood moon Tetrad.

Now in 2014-2015, this one marks what could possibly be the most significant of events yet unknown just prior to what Christians have been hoping for which is the Second coming of Jesus Christ and what for the Jews should mean, "The Beginning of the End of Days" which would bring forth conditions for the coming of the Messiah.

This day has finally arrived... and it is weeks away from the time this video will have been uploaded for your viewing.

Saying that not one Single Tetrad 1600-1900 falling on the days of these Jewish Feasts/Holidays is extremely significant since there won't be another like it until 500+ years or more away.

Now is the time that all Christians and Jews ought to be paying attention.

Footage courtesy of Jake Hilton -of Mormon Evidence;

I put the word Blood Moon Tetrad #8, A Reckoning because we're too busy making history to know what will have been said of it in the years to come. I suspect that something BIG and HUGE is about to transpire.

Time to check and see if your tents work and if you have some sort of food storage and/or a way to prepare that food and repack your 72 hour kits. BE PREPARED!!!

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