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7 Things That Still Need to Happen Before The Global Flood

In recent decades, there seems to have been an unusual amount of hubbub regarding how close we are to the so called "Flooding of the Earth." But here are 7 things that still need to happen before this flood should come.

There seems to be a cycle... about every 300-400 years. I remember well attending a meeting with the Methuselah as we discussed during this sit down. I would hear Methuselah chasten and warn the followers of the great God of this World about paying too much attention to what was considered as "False Hellfire and Destruction" to come upon people in the near future much like this flood we hear about today. Because of these loose speakings of prophecy, we ought to be cautioned against jumping on every camel wagon and attaching ourselves to every doomsday craze assuring us that we need not concern ourselves with any sort of hell raining down from the heavens ie a change in our bartering system going from the trading of goods into creating a system of money known as "Currency" Our greatest soothsayers have brought us this future transcript where in it reads, "But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be." so in order for us to understand our day, we would need to have a better understanding of this latter-day prophecy... and again, if it were important to have mentioned this, would Enoch not have left us any clues? Anything to compare it to? I submit that we have no such thing to compare with for we know not for it shall not happen.

Weeks before Methuselah died well into his 900's, he spoke to small pockets of human settlers about the many hardships that this world would present us... as if we didn't already know this. Hello! Adam and Eve became exiled from the garden and we ALL know what difficulty this has brought to mankind. Some years I don't even know if my seeds will produce the right amount of wheat for my family of 100 including my 35 wives...but I digress.

My point is this; if the God of this world will be raining judgement down upon us (literally...water falling from the sky?) then this would have been explained to us by Enoch but for some reason, he is no longer around for us to question on these matters. Wouldn't Enoch have come back to warn us and not this "Noah" fellow who is all doomsey and gloomy about this flooding thing?

There are many things that must STILL take place before there could EVER be a flood of this magnitude as warned by Noah. (Image is only an artist's rendition of how he thinks the Arc would look upon the waters/great seas.)

1)There must actually be water that falls from the heavens. Clearly, we all understand how our ground and vegetation is able to grow, from mists of water that come from out of the land in which we live as if by eternal springs of water. These never get shut off. If rain should be falling from the sky, then who is up there turning it on? If I cannot understand how this rain thing must happen then I am most certain that NOAH does not know! And this water is supposed to just fall from the sky? I hear that this rain is about some sort of droplets which should form up in the firmament. WHO is forming these so called "Droplets?"

2)The days of wickedness that we are experiencing now could not possibly be any worse than those days which should occupy the end times? I beg to differ! Our people are not wicked now and neither will the people during some sort of period called, "The Latter-Days" for we are ALL agents unto ourselves and we all prosper according to our genius. It sounds like the people born into the latter-day period will be some very weak people or else why would it be said that those days would be more wicked than our day and who is to say that our day is even wicked? Judge not lest the God of this world judge YOU, Noah!

3)A representation of animals should all make their way to the arc. This, we all know, would have to be an impossible task... for who can coax just one Lamb or Sheep into following them let alone 2? Who is this Noah fellow and his sons? Are they all animal whisperers? When I see animals marching themselves into a procession straight onto the arc by nearly 'supernatural' means, then perhaps I should listen.

4)Church HQ must be moved to a place called Mt Ararat. (For those of you who have never heard of the words Mt or Mountain, I shall explain. A mountain is any dome shaped or tall expanse of earth that raises high into the sky (similar to this Tower of Babel idea I have heard some people talking about hoping to construct during this Millennium but we're not talking about any mountain made with hands... Oh no. We're talking about a naturally occuring raising of earth at the level of 677.3333333314548 cubits or HIGHER.)

I do not believe in the formation of Mountains for we all know that the land in which we live on is flat and there isn't anything more than a mole hill to speak of so I currently am unaware of any such mountain. Some say that this Mt Ararat will be located far to the east of us. I just don't see this happening in the time frame in which Noah has suggested that this may take place. It would take MUCH longer to traverse such a land expanse anyhow in the estimated One year and 10 days" figure he assumes it would take for his boat (which we know will NOT go anywhere but rot towards the dirt until it shall become extinct or stone made from wood.) So... this Mt Ararat idea? Is it possible? I've never traveled that far east but highly unlikely that the Headquarters of the religion of the HOOTSOG (H*ly order of The Son of G*D) will be moved in time for this water subsiding or even by land.

The word of God must be preached to every creature? It is Noah and his one son (that we're aware of, that is) to preach this message to ALL of the inhabitants of the earth? Good luck! He would need a spider web communication type expanse where he could talk into it and people from all over could listen in for this to actually come to pass...

5) Congregagions of this church, I hear, must be found all over the earth. So far, all there is is an old man, his wife, and 6 others. You've got a very long way to go, Noah.

6) There must be clouds and a colorful bow (aka an Arch with colors) We do not know what this cloud is supposed to be and/or rainbows. We all know that the air which is around us is full of moisture. It leaves its wetness on the ground as the dew. I cannot imagine a world or what that would even look like to see these hazy skies to once again form themselves into tiny groupings of moisture that they call clouds. This is an important part of the prophecy for the coming rains because water is said to be expelled from these 'white factories of water' way high up in the clouds. WHO WILL BE WORKING up high? And would those people not also fall to the earth? For we have assurances that this thing (which is called gravity by our ancestors) would then also not cause that any man who is working up in these white terraces of highly dense moisture that they should fall to the ground and be themselves as though they were dead causing the immediate deaths to those who should dash their bodies onto the ground? The prophecy says that during this period of 40 days and 40 nights of 'rain' or 'water falling from these tiny white or darker colored 'clouds' for lack of a better term that this object in the sky that is going to be named after "The Son" should then also be as bright as this object that we should then call as the Sun? Blasphemy! For we know that the "Lord alone is our light!"

7) Last but not least... The Arc should be built before the animals and those in the family of Noah should gather and enter therein. We all know about what an undertaking this project actually is. As far as I am aware, I have seen NO other man or woman assist them in the building of this very large boat. Until now, we have only seen the corner-piece laid at the food of this ship as a sign that this is the future site where the arc shall stand but that before this day of flooding, this boat shall be built. Noah is 600 years old. This age is WELL beyond retirement and it is highly unlikely that he and 3 other men could take on this undertaking and actually finish the arc on time.

I wish to encourage all who are able to read this that they not create or spread any of this emotional frenzy to frighten any locals. For all we know, this ship will just sit there in the dirt for 20-30 more years and if there is any other brief floodings, it will be because the fountains have produced a 'local flood' in the area and not this "World Wide Flood" in which Noah says was what God intended to do. It is not to assume an authority or presume to hold a stewardship that is reserved for men such as Enoch (may he return soon with his people from his spot high above us) and may we also begin some preliminary plans for this tower so that we can reach the heights just as well. Wouldn't that be great, though?

It just seems easier to actually build a tower than I think it would be to have to follow all of these ordinances of which Noah speaks as things that are necessary such as baptism, prayers constantly to God at the altar. I pray! I honor this earth in which we live. I fight hard and in my strength... sure things get a little violent around here but that's life, at times. Until you live this life out in the wilderness as we have since the days of Adam and Even, one ought not to judge.

What do I care if Noah prepares for this pretend flood event if he isn't harming me or others. All I know is none of my family would be caught dead entering the arc! What a colossal waste of resources, if you ask me. Our task is to live a sane and balanced life and not be all about the "doom and gloom" but live a life that is dignified and determined manner. To be actively involved in that which is mainstream. Therein is our safety... and if God sends one of those tiny globes of water (which has also been given the name of rain) then it would SURE take many many many of these to fill the whole earth. I just don't think that those white, puffy clouds have the resources of producing that much water. I'm sorry. Not even the HAZE of moisture which keeps our nice, warm atmosphere as comfortable as possible could dump all of it's water... no matter HOW much water springs forth from the crust of the earth or from the springs beneath!

I submit that if we do these things and gather water as we always have and continue to till the earth and await any further light and knowledge from TRUE Prophets of the Lord as was Enoch then things will continue on all is well. I do not believe that every man, woman and child (or animal for that matter) should perish! This just doesn't sound like a loving God to me. Does that to you?

I don't believe that a loving God would do this to his children... for how could we continue to multiply and replenish his earth if we are ALL DEAD? Methuselah said we would see our grand children and great grand children and not to worry so much about this doom and gloom.

Letter from the Editor at the Lamech Institute, Gopher Wood Press, 975 B.C.

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