Monday, January 20, 2014

The Tables Are Full of VOMIT and FILTH!

The tables are FULL of VOMIT and FILTH!

One wonders whether or not Isaiah had made a proclamation about how the gospel was being taught in his day or whether it was a "latter-day" passage or possibly both. I'll go ahead with Nephi's explanation on the matter and liken this scripture unto ourselves. Why? Because of what is being fed to the honest seekers of the truth and pass off as gospel truth. (See Isaiah 28:7-9)

Now we KNOW that this milk is not the life giving waters mentioned of by Jesus Christ or the bread which he should feed his people. It is prophets. They DO THE BEST that they can. Far more nutritious than anything else. (When you consider Vomit and Filth (poop) as the main courses found in other churches or via those engaged in Priestcraft. Why vomit, one asks? It's partially digested gospel message but then spewed out to resemble gospel nutrition. Well filth? Filth has been filtered by men and understandably is now TOXIC and unfit for human consumption. Trust me guys, I don't want you to get a visual of a dude standing on your table and doing EITHER of the 2 things mentioned... absolutely disgusting.

But that is why I love Maxwell's quote as it pertains to Isaiah. October 2003 General Conference, Maxwell said this,

"Just as prophesied, fools deride him, hell rages against him, and his name is “both good and evil spoken of” (JS—H 1:33). This swirl needlessly preoccupies a few who seem to prefer chewing on old bones in the outer courtyard instead of coming inside to the resplendent, revelatory banquet, thus diverting them from giving due attention to Joseph’s mission as “a choice seer” (see 2 Ne. 3:6–7)."

Come join our revelatory banquet, all ye ends of the earth and be FILLED!

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