Thursday, January 23, 2014

Are You A Hebrew Or Are You A Roman?

The Romans Vs The Hebrews...

We have been compared to the Roman Empire (for those living in America) but we have been established with Judeo-Christian values. This is an "eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die" sort of lifestyle has been described once before by Nephi. The difference between the two societal differences are in stark contrast with one another but in some ways similar.

One can philosophize and have prosperity as a Mormon and there were probably some good Romans who lived well. I can understand why any good Hebrew boy or girl might look upon the fun that is being enjoyed (and quite so it would appear) by the "Life is a party" crowd because this had described me too, once upon a time. I for one regret to admit that there was something appealing enough about the 'great and spacious building' that I stood in the door way and nearly set my back towards that which I was raised to believe forever once upon a time in my life...but the voice of the spirit had called me back.

The thought of living life for one second without my Heavenly Father and home became unbearable that I made the choice to set right EVERYTHING that was making my life wrong, up until this point. Now I know I am not going to move mountains by sharing this or anything else about my own re-conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ but if you want to talk with me privately regarding the peace that I now feel and what joy this brings me and to my soul, then I would be honored to spend this quality time with you.

If what I have written you here at this point in time has touched your souls in any way, then please P.M. me about that. I testify to you that in overcoming the world, the Lord has helped me to overcome the darkness that living a life apart from that which I came to know as the Lord's true gospel on the earth and his love for me is what allowed me to repent and come unto him. Thanks again to him, I have been given the gift of hope. If I could give anyone a gift of any kind, then it would be this same gift of hope to you.

This I share with you in his sacred name,even the name of Jesus Christ whom I now feel worthy to make mention of, Amen.

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