Monday, December 23, 2013

A&E VS Phil Robertson

Okay so I'm getting bombarded by emails about this dude on the Duck Dynasty show and how I've gotta sign a petition if I consider myself a REAL CHRISTIAN then I should back this 100% blah blah blah. I hate to play the devil's advocate here and I won't really because it's not necessary...

Let me at least exploit something that these people aren't addressing... because it's really really simple as to where the blame SQUARELY belongs or ought to. It belongs to on the head of the show producer whose JOB it is to review hours of recorded tape to then air or not air something. It is at HIS discretion. This isn't rocket science folks... NOT a live show that gets edited to squeeze in 22 minutes or so worth of broadcasting or 43 minutes on an hour long program, or whatever. It wasn't by accident that this comment remained unless the producer fell asleep at the controls. I've never watched it myself but I applaud their family and Christian values.

My question:

Was there a breach of contract on Mr Phil Robertson that enabled himself to be suspended? Any fine print that says you can or can not say certain things, etc...? (Something in the contract that says "don't say derogatory comments about gays and bestiality") Your thoughts and comments?

As a person or a fellow Christian, am I going to support Phil? Absolutely! On principle I will because I agree with him and the family values he has been helping to restore as this nation's legacy and inheritance. I think their show is popular for good reason... I am just not a knee jerk reactionary sort. I'm not going to lead the troops against A&E simply because I feel he was wronged by their decision because if they didn't know what sort of man he was after episode 1, then why would they have bothered to allow the show to continue? Ratings, baby! Money maker here. I think the producer let those comments slide to BOOST ratings.

My thoughts are: 100% of the blame goes to the Show's Producer. #A&E , #DuckDynasty , #PhilRobertson Follow Up So I hear it was an interview for a magazine, etc. Whatever. Again, edited content decides what goes onto a show, magazine, or aired broadcast, etc. Once again, not rocket science.

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