Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm Staying Put In The Church Firm To The End

An open letter to ex-mormons, critics of the church, or otherwise to those who have had no desire to unite with the LDS church but would like to sway me to think after their manner of thinking but for one reason or another, then this letter is for you.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the laws or commandments given to us by the Lord are time tested and have been proved over the centuries. This is why I believe what I do and why I live the gospel. I have put Malachi 3: 8-10 to the test. I have seen the windows of heaven open themselves up to me hence this and many other things I have participated in as a member of this church has brought me peace, in my life. I have witnessed too much of the hand of the Lord in my life by obedience to the Laws and Ordinances of the gospel to now return and doubt. I have been 'born again' and snatched from an awful hell.

For any man or any one to come to me to then suggest I depart from or turn away from this and do so based on a 'quote I heard somewhere' or 'aren't Mormons just a bit too weird because of this or that' just isn't going to phase me. One have better luck prying a Jewish man from a quarter he found on the ground than one would have at successfully luring me outside the church to then find, as they suggest, the correct Jesus.

(Finding Jesus would then mean to get me to agree with their assessment of what Mormons really believe and then transition over to some form of Christianity or over to their church because it's "Jesus should be enough. Mormons teach you that his atonement isn't powerful enough to save you! Here, read this verse! "...then his grace is sufficient for you." but we know that in Ephesians, it says... etc" - SEE, the BIBLE disagrees with the Book of Mormon. Only a real idiot couldn't tell you the difference. Down with the impossible gospel of the Mormons!" or whatever they happen to say, using their own words of course... (sigh) - I testify to you and all who read this, that they make quitting sound so easy and so worth your time.

Call me a 'go against the current' kind of guy but that still, inviting water may not always be that still and safe, for long. Something turbulent may be awaiting. You may think you're trying to do me a favor by ensuring me that the water was supposed to be fine and that I should hop in, but I've made my choice. If it so be that there is safety zones ahead, then so be it. I'll stay on the shore where at all possible.

I trust and know myself only so much. So no, you'll find me on the shore over there. If you want, I'll wave at you all as I see you pass by. I have a life preserver tied to a rope in case you want one...for this is my charge, my privilege, my sacred duty. I am FAR from perfect at what the Lord would have me do. I have already missed many opportunities and in my weakness, I have failed to help several others along on the path.

I can only hope that in God's great plan of happiness, that there is enough mercy that can be applied to me, his unworthy and slothful servant. I can only pray for mercy at this great, last day, and hope that the little that I have done may multiply into great blessings and that the great things I have done may have been accounted for righteousness' sake and to glorify he who sent them.

Do not think or suppose that a mis-quoted thought or word from a prior leader in my church is going to dictate how I feel about them based on someone else's assessment of that event or statement.

Do not suppose for a second that even if someone's decades of scripture study will trump what I have discovered through humble prayer and personal study.

It will have all been worth it if I can some day be responsible for helping MANY find that source to where they can receive peace so that THEY and myself may ALL receive that exaltation in the Lord's kingdom. This is my prayer, in his name, Amen.

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