Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Children's Book is now an eBook - RTYEP in "The Last Eagle To Fly." $3.99 - Thank you, #Authorhouse!

Ralph, The Young Eagle Prince in The Last Eagle to Fly, By J.R. Nelson / Illustrated by Jared Johnson


"What a phenominal book to teach our children and grandchildren the laws of life. The story of Ralph is inspiring and we should all want to have our families read this series of books in our homes.We believe that these books will be read to children around the world for years to come. This is an absolute home run!"

Reid and Yvonne Nelson

"As parents to 11 children, we have read many books to young people. One of the joys of a parent is being able to read a book to a child. The "Ralph" series may just be the next book that America falls in love with. J.R. Nelson might be the next Dr. Seuse."

Dave and Valerie Johnson "Business owners"

"Kids love the idea of flying. They have this inner universe, exploring all possibilities in their mind. To them flying is as much reality as is swimming, just that you do that in the air."

Lydia Proschinger, Success Coach

"It is about time that a childrens book with subject matter as important as this is presented to children and their parents. It is an easy read that also teaches children some very profound vocabulary words and their deep meanings. A highly recommended book for young developing minds."

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