Friday, July 19, 2013

Open debate Between "AreZee Isme" vs "TheLdsLife"

YouTuber "AreZee Isme" writes:

Date:07/19/13 Message:

I understand your position. What you fail to realize is that Christians have made a covenant with Christ to make disciples of all men. To fail to spread the true gospel means failing to keep their covenant. LDS are fine people. Exemplary citizens. What Christians want is for LDS to realize their beliefs are heretical. We want to see you in Heaven. Would you have us stand idly while believing you are headed to perdition? That would be more than merely "rude". Eternity is at stake. Your missionaries try to lead others into accepting the false teachings of Joseph Smith. Christians cannot stand by and let that happen without at least trying to lead you back into the fold of orthodox belief. It is out of great love and concern for you that Christians must and will continue witnessing to LDS of the true faith in Crust.


Above all, know this: that, Truth is truth even if nobody believes it. Just ask Noah and his family... but I digress.

While appreciate your concern which seems so plausible especially when one listens to the way their pastors makes us sound or perhaps what another YouTube'r has had to say about us, it should always and more directly be about to which source are we getting our information. All must walk the path of discovery however it is usually the path least traveled that makes all of the difference.

When Joseph Smith went to a grove, he asked God about which church he should join and not "how can I help you establish the true one." I know by the power of the Holy Spirit that this did happen and so can you.

Just as Samuel the boy prophet did become so, so did our modern hero just as in the days we read about from the Bible. And as the Apostle Stephen surely saw God the Father and his son, Jesus Christ in a vision so did Joseph Smith. I know this apart from any man's opinion, apart from my father's words or the words of his father before him.

While you may have been given carefully crafted sermons on "how to reach out to your Mormon brethren" be the more you spend time with actual members of the church, the more the Ed Decker's or the Shawn McCraney's of the world appear to be 1 card short of a deck of cards.

You're welcome to listen to their witness alone, which is your choice, or the witness that we LDS give to all men but between you and I, I think John's words on the matter help to illuminate any mis-understood concept that may exist between how we interpret the scriptures and how others in the remaining 20,000 different sects of Christianity choose to interpret them. (1 John 5:9)

One must not need suppose that because we LDS differ in how we interpret or understand the scriptures that ours is much less permissible than the rest of main stream Christianity.

Questions for All:<i>What think y'all of the words in 1 John?

Can we men truly become objective thinkers enough to seek a witness from God above that of all other men?

It could be the opinions of men that a man who was born blind must have sinned before coming to the earth or perhaps his parents had sinned.

Wouldn't we need a great clarifier to know the truth behind this and any other matter?

Are Mormons damned to hell, in your minds, simply because this is something you are told about us?

If you use scriptures to support yours or their ideas about us, how much greater are you than they who used the "law" or the scriptures that were available to them in their day to condemn Jesus and crucify him?

A lot of damage can be and was done anciently in the name of God, using his scriptures as a weapon. Can we agree at least on this? They TOO thought that their behavior was justified in the scripture.

God desires that we should be prudent and to thoroughly seek him out APART from the opinions and ideas of other men, I should think. Question for AreZee Isme:

How much of what others tell you has helped you form your opinion about the Mormons?

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