Sunday, October 21, 2012

Let Him In

Let him in, this holiday season and NOT only should you "Let Him In" for December only but see just how much your life will improve and enhance itself when you allow God to help you make MORE out of your lives than you could possibly have made life happen for yourselves going at it alone. I hope this music shows up. If not, visit youtube and type, "The TRUE Message of The Lord's Mission" and it should show up as from "ToThisEndWasIMormon" 's video.

My sincerest of apologies!

My sincerest of apologies! It had been so long that I had forgotten my login information so I left this blog as one would say in Spanish, "Descuidar" and it had gone neglected. It is my hope that from now on, I will make valuable, meaningful updates to the blog. Agreeably, I spend MUCH MORE time on my YouTube Channel, as some of you will have noticed or have found this blog via YouTube. Much thanks to your subscriptions and attention given to this blog. I hope gospel questions are being answered. You're questions and dialogue are best served by having those AT my YouTube Channel. If it be something I should post here, as I often do, I will update the blog with a good Q. and A. for your questions, then if I haven't already made a video to that effect, I will have at least written answers here and I will also direct you to this link! News! Christmas is around the corner. I'll be decorating for Christmas, soon, at TheLdsLife.More GREAT videos coming up! I've got over 400 to choose from and a great catalog of Christmas messages. Just visit my channel and subscribe! I'm at - Best Regards, Josh Nelson