Monday, January 11, 2010

The Bold Assertion That God is our Father in Heaven & He Desires Us To Know Him

"ALL SATAN NEEDS TO DO TO KEEP A PERSON AWAY FROM SALVATION IS TO MAKE THEM REJECT THE TRUE CHRIST". Truer words could not have been written. But I believe just as some do in this Jesus of Nazareth, even Jehovah or the promised Messiah.

Some folks have discovered that my ministry began not too long ago. I too have done my time in the prisons of thought and had been subject to habits that kept me from my place of worship. We've all been taught what we know and we are all creatures of habit.

We believe what we do because of the traditions of our fathers but none can live on borrowed light. As in the parable of the 10 virgins, it is meet that all men prepare to meet God and can not borrow oil from the lamp of another.

It really does all boil down to this.
Joseph see what he said he saw or not? Because if he did, then it trumps all understanding.

It suggests a code previously unknown; having been lost over centuries all in thanks to uninspired men who suggest that God's involvement with men has ceased. It also goes toward Biblical prophecy seen by Daniel and Isaiah who not only saw the events which led up to the Messiah... but also the history of the world from the beginning to the end of days... (or the end of the world as we now know it)

Creeds were formed and ideas not made by the prophets and apostles have kept men in a funk for several centuries. It was those men who proclaimed "receiving divine inspiriation" that no more divine inspiration should occur again. These men act as doctors who suggest that I somehow have a non cureable cancer.

If it took us this long to realize that the world wasn't the center of the universe unto a more perfect understanding of the universe, why then could it not have been true for spiritual things?

He, just as Einstein (who proved and reproved centuries of scientific thought now trumps such men as Aristotle, then later Capernicus... then later Galileo... then Newton until finally, a correct thought about the universe in which we live could have been offered up) and similar to Einstein, men once again have broken through barriers of thought but not intellectually... but with the help of the divine. As I mentioned before about Moses, who also was a prophet of restoration, God has chosen prophets once more.

According to the words of Jeremiah, we may know how to tell.
He shows us the way to judge in chapter 28; which reads,

"The prophets that have been before me and before thee of old prophesied both against many countries, and against great kingdoms, of war, and of evil, and of pestilence.
The prophet which prophesieth of peace, when the word of the prophet shall come to pass, then shall the prophet be known, that the Lord hath truly sent him." In other words, by their fruits, ye shall know them!

We believe that it is impossible for men to shut God up and keep him from speaking. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness... to which we interpret as, "God's work is never finished. It neither has beginning or end."

Why would we let men rob us of our faith by suggesting that miracles have ceased among men?
This is what Satan would have us believe and not God. He succeeded in squelching the original church until there were no longer miracle workers upon the earth. Satan also works line upon line and teaches men precept upon precept beginning with creeds once thought to have been divinely inspired. How divinely inspired is it to suggest that "God is no longer a God of miracles?" Or that so unattainable is a knowledge of God or that we are not meant to understand the true nature of our father which art in heaven? God is not a calloused ruler who sits in the heavens above and says, "I've done all I can and now it is up to you."
If this God in heaven differs from the one you think he is, get a second opinion.

If God never meant for us to know his true nature while traversing this world and we are just to have faith that somehow we'll be worthy to be in the presence of this unknown God (also having faith that we'll actually want to be around him for eternity) why do we persist and seek after that?

Thomas Jefferson said this, "Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear." but I want to add to this; "Question with boldness the ideas of men that suggest that God is unsearchable and unrelated to us."
For to not do this brings us back to an age where men of Greece and Rome believed that their God's lived exalted above us in the heavens existing only to toy with us and move us around like pawns on earth as their play things.

It is my bold assertion that God is a loving father in heaven who desires that we as his children may come to know him through the Son. Jesus Christ, the great mediator of all men, helps us return to our heavenly home. The place where God dwells.

One can test the fruits of this latter-day prophet by reading one of the revealed works which was translated through Joseph Smith; who if having the power and gift of God to translate this record, this would help the Lord convince you that was the prophet of the restored church of Christ.

Book of Mormon at a glance. You Tube, "The Stick of Ephraim Part 3"

Knowing this would also help us discover the mysteries found in the scriptures regarding the "Apostacy" or the great falling away. Although we could discuss scripture for months at a time, it would all come to a point time and time again.
Did God call Joseph Smith to be his latter-day messenger of truth? Read in the Book of Mormon to know for sure and do this for yourself!

I testify that this record is true! The stick of Ephraim has become one in our hands in these latter-days to add its witness of the divinity of the Lord, Jesus Christ!
Prophets... restoration... everything that the Bible has mentioned would happen leading up to the second coming has come to pass and we are in the final moments, even in that late hour before his return. This I declare in the name of Jesus Christ.

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